Benefits of KOMBUCHA that you didn't know about

October 13, 2018




Hi Mungbeans,

Happy Saturday & what a wet one it is here in Australia!

I really hope our Australian farmers are getting some of this rain too as they sooooo desperately need it :)


In this blog post I really wanted to share with you the many benefits of Kombucha including some of the benefits that not many people know of, in hopes you will all start to make it a part of your daily lifestyle!

Kombucha is an absolute favourite of mine (if you can't already tell) & I have been drinking it for years, so I wanted to share with you why! Its like a super-charged fizzy drink or soda BUT with a number of therapeutic benefits! Getting healthy never tasted SO good!


Lets start with the well know GUT benefits!

To improve GUT health

- Kombucha contains natural probiotics that help maintain a healthy gut flora
- It helps you to absorb nutrients more effectively by breaking them down into an easily digestible form
- It enhances the absorption of minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and copper)
- Healthy GUT flora improves digestion, fights candida overgrowth, improves mental clarity and stabilizes moods
- A healthy GUT can also be attributed to reducing or eliminating depression and anxiety due to the strong link between the GUT and brain axis
- Kombucha contains numerous strains of beneficial yeasts and up to 20 different bacterial species


To detoxify the body

- The enzymes and bacterial acids in kombucha ease the burden on the liver by reducing pancreatic load
- Kombucha contains glucuronic acid, which binds to toxins and increases their excretion through the kidney's or intestines

- In 1951, a popular Russian study found that the daily consumption of kombucha was correlated with an extremely high resistance to cancer


To support the nervous system

- Kombucha contains vitamin B, which has been associated with reducing blood pressure and supporting the nervous system
- It contains vitamin C, which supports the adrenal glands, important for those suffering with adrenal fatigue & stress


It’s anti-ageing & supports joint health

- Kombucha contains hyaluronic acid & glucosamine, which are vital for the treatment and prevention of arthritis
- Kombucha concentrates the antioxidants found in tea. Antioxidants not only fight the environmental toxins known as free radicals, which contribute to illness and disease, but also help slow down the aging process
- Antioxidants are important for skin health, which may prevent and lessen wrinkles by promoting skin elasticity


It’s anti-microbial

- Kombucha is anti-microbial due to its acetic and organic acids, proteins, enzymes and bacteriocins. It exerts anti-microbial activity against pathogenic bacteria like E coli and Salmonella. Incidentally, green tea kombucha has a higher anti-microbial effect than when made with black tea. 


I'd love to hear about your experiences with kombucha and what amazing benefits it has provided for you! Leave a comment here or on my recent instagram post to tell me! 


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Stay well,


Riannon xx


*Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting anything new, especially if you’re taking medication. These are not intended to cure any diseases mentioned above.


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