STRESS: Are you suffering?

September 28, 2018



Believe it or not, we actually need stress!! It is our bodies defence when we are in danger & helps us to survive many hairy situations!! Without emotions like fear, anxiety, worry & stress the human population would not be where it is today! Now i'm sure you would have heard of fight or flight right? It is a coping mechanism we all have so when we are presented with a challenging or dangerous situation, we can decide to either stay and fight the lion in front of us or catch the next flight out of there (bye)! Our chances of surviving are obviously increased with the HUGE surge of adrenaline we get!! (thank you adrenal glands)! So you can see how important this is for a short amount of time however, (you know there's always a BUT!) stress is not something we want to have constantly, as cortisol (the stress hormone) can play havoc on your system when it is raised for too long (do I hear adrenal fatigue), yet many of the worldwide population are suffering everyday, even to a debilitating level! When someone stuffers with chronic stress for a long time it can manifest into many different serious conditions including adrenal fatigue, generalised anxiety disorders, panic attacks & chronic fatigue. These can also stem from more serious conditions including post traumatic stress disorder, pre-menstrual dysphoric disorders & obsessive compulsive disorders. Although these are manifestations of emotional and mental conditions, they can become physically debilitating too. Even though we are unable to change the past, there are many ways that naturopaths can support you for a healthy FUTURE! 


Many of my patients see reduced symptoms in as little as a week with these 5 daily tips: 


1- EPSOM SALT bath or foot bath! Its easy & its cheap! You can buy it from supermarkets or health food stores locally!  My NATUROPATHIC TIP is to add in some bi-carb to really help the magnesium penetrate. 

Epsom salt bath with bicarbonate soda.

METHOD: Start with 2 cups epsom salt to 1 cup bicarb soda in a bath. Slowly increase over time to 4 cups epsom salt to 2 cups bicarb soda. The bicarb soda will help the magnesium salt get through the skin and into the cells and aid in detoxification. If you don’t have a bath then a foot bath is just as good! Reduce the dose by half for a foot bath.


2- Mindfulness and meditation (the 'Head Space' app).

This app is all about guided meditation and mindfulness. It is as easy as 3 minutes a day in the beginning & gradually gets longer & longer as you practice! Meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and even sleep better! Its simple , FREE and life-changing, so why not start today? 


3- Take a magnesium supplementation before bed.

Get yourself a good quality magnesium supplement. I'm not talking about the CRAP (excuse the French) you can buy from the supermarket, i'm talking about a practitioner grade supplement. But why? This way you get a therapeutic dose that is easily absorbed & utilised by the body opposed to cheap forms which are NOT!

NATUROPATHIC TIP: There are specific 'night' magnesium formulas if your struggling to sleep which often have added sleep herbs and/or precursors to help the body produce our sleep hormone melatonin to give you a deep, regenerative sleep. (YASSSSS)


4- One whole, organic lemon squeezed into filtered water every morning! The rich vitamin C content in lemons provide support for our adrenal glands which are compromised during stressful times. If you dislike the taste of lemon, you can also opt for a high dose vitamin C supplement, but again make sure you are buying a QUALITY, practitioner brand!


5- Buteyko breathing- Have you heard of it? (Don't worry neither had I before I became a Naturopath!!) Its a special breathing technique which can assist with a number of different aliments including physical, emotional and psychological symptoms associated with hyperventilation and other aspects of dysfunctional breathing. Many of my clients see relief with anxiety, panic attacks, stress, physical performance, even snoring/sleep apnoea. If you are suffering check it outttttt!


Well there you have it, my TOP 5 tips for reducing your stress levels and supporting those (much loved) adrenal glands! If you are suffering with chronic stress & want to get fantastic results like my other clients, send me an email -


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* Always check with your healthcare professional before trying anything new or taking any new supplements (especially if taking medications).  This information is in no way meant to cure any mental disorders or guarantee specific results. 


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