BABY, its cold outside!

May 18, 2018


Hi Mungbeans! 

Winter is certainly upon us in Australia and brrr its cold outside!

Below are some of the BEST tips to get you through this winter season without catching that horrid flu!


Now, i'm sure your all aware there are a number of foods you can eat which will boost your immune system but do you know which ones will really super-charge it? No? Well lucky you have me because i'v written some down for you below!


1-Bone broth! Its packed full of essential nutrients and includes glycosaminoglycan, gelatin, collagen, proline, glycine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium (etc). Calcium stimulates the body to release white blood cells, which help to start the healing process and to fend off any nasty bugs. Bone broth is also very beneficial for our digestive system, its anti-inflammatory and can promote healthy joints and muscles! 

NATUROPATHIC TIP: if you are purchasing it from a health food store, make sure it is fresh! The brand 'The Goods'  is delicious and high in protein so drink a cup straight after a workout to provide your body with the amino acids it needs!


2- Lemon & Ginger- add this to everything! Smoothies, salad dressing, stir-frys, add to hot water and make tea- there are so many ways you can ingest them!  

Why? lemon has natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to ward off those nasty colds and viruses, it is a potent antioxidant and it is rich in vitamin C, supporting the immune system while also nourishing the adrenal glands.

Ginger is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial making it perfect for a sore throat. It is a warming herb, which has a soothing effect on the digestive tract and is frequently used to improve nausea (commonly associated with those nasty bugs).

NATUROPATHIC TIP: if you feel something starting, (sore throat, blocked nose, sneezing, coughing) blend together a 1cm cube of ginger, 1/2 an organic lemon and 1 clover of garlic in some coconut water. Take it as a shot and do this everyday until you feel better (& be sure to have a chaser ready). 


3- Mushrooms! These little beauties are nutrient-packed powerhouses, they tone and feed our immune system to make us indestructible (right?)! Medicinal mushrooms also activate a number of different immune cells in our body which build resistance to harmful pathogens and stop us from getting sick. Medicinal mushrooms work over time to improve our immunity, so remember to take them daily. My favourite brand is 'Super Feast' and I have been adding 1/2 a teaspoon to my tea everyday (and loving it!).


4- Probiotics - Surly you didn't think I would forget did you?!?! PROBIOTICS should be a staple in everyones diet (thats why I add them into all of my clients programs!),  Why? because 70% off our immune system is in the GUT, and if its not functioning right how will we ever be well!! Practice 'Food as Medicine' with probiotics to build up an unstoppable microflora! Fermented foods such as Kefir, Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Kim-chi or some good quality probiotic capsules (or powder) will do wonders for your immunity. 


P.s don't forget to wash your hands- germs are everywhere!


Stay well,




*Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before starting anything new, especially if you’re taking medication.


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